About Sue

*award-winning, best-selling writer
*author of seventeen books
*published author since 1981
*numerous short stories and articles
*print and e-books, magazines and journals
*subgenres: contemporary, erotica,
romantic suspense, paranormal,
historical, comedy, mystery and more
*As an editor, Sue specializes in romance, erotic romance, romantic suspense and Young Adult, especially YA romance and paranormal



"Sue Swift does on-the-mark critiques. She has a knack for grasping character development, plot points, scene flow…and more."
~Romantic suspense author Susan Vaughan

“A critique from Sue is priceless.”
~Erotica author Mardi Ballou

“She made my work so much better, and was a pleasure to work with.”
~Paranormals author David Bridger