Services and Fees

Ms. Swift specializes in developmental editing, an overview of the entire work.

Mini: analysis of a synopsis up to 2500 words in length: $49

Medium: analysis of a book proposal, i.e. a synopsis and three chapters, not to exceed 10,000 words: $299

Maxi: analysis of a complete manuscript, up to 100,000 words: $499

Editorial services not listed: contact Sue for a free estimate

* * *

A developmental edit or analysis will include examination of major craft aspects of the work, including but not limited to plot structure, story, characterization, conflicts and resolutions. Again, recommendations will be thorough and specific. Sue will also attempt to answer any question a writer poses about his or her work. She will frequently include copyediting, grammar and other word use tips, but she does not offer copyediting services.

All payments must be made in advance, preferably via PayPal.

Both electronic and hardcopy submissions are accepted. If the client wants the hardcopy returned, s/he is responsible for mailing or shipping charges.

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"Sue Swift does on-the-mark critiques. She has a knack for grasping character development, plot points, scene flow…and more."
~Romantic suspense author Susan Vaughan

“A critique from Sue is priceless.”
~Erotica author Mardi Ballou

“She made my work so much better, and was a pleasure to work with.”
~Paranormals author David Bridger